Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wyoming, An Evening With Old Faithful



NPS Annual Pass Having renewed my annual National Park Pass for $80 (everyone, should have one), I leave the West Entrance of Yellowstone headed for Old Faithful about 30 miles and a 1 hour drive away.




The scenery along the way threatens to make the drive time even longer. With sun moving west faster than I would like it to, I have to resist the urge to stop before daylight disappears.


CanYNP 014 Down the road I am faced with over 2000 pounds of flesh and facial hair that gives me no choice. Knowing I will not win a confrontation, I sit back and give my time challenger a lot of strolling and breathing room.




CanYNP 016 Soon enough I am looking at the right part of this bison’s anatomy not knowing a sly surprise awaits me at my next stop.






CanYNP 026 “Oh, I did not see you sitting in the dark over there”

Could it be?






CanYNP 030 Fantastic Mr. Fox



SamYNP 040 Dusk arrives about the same time as I do at Old Faithful.

Soon a rising full moon accompanies us and puts a spotlight on tonight's up and coming star.




Somewhat true to it's name, we know Old Faithful will make an appearance but will it be “Hollywood”, fashionably late. As we wait the temperature is falling rapidly as the audience shivers. Hands are rubbed together in hopes of starting a fire.

Word spreads that a posting at the Old Faithful Lodge gives an appearance time of 8:50pm plus or minus 15 minutes. Based on the length of time of the previous eruption, park officials can reasonably predict when the next eruption of Old Faithful will occur. This varies between 65 to 90 minutes.


CanYNP 036 As we wait, like a great showman, Old Faithful gives us teasers of what’s to come.

Blubbing sounds with puffs of steams 10 to 30 feet in the air and the crowd excitement collectively rises then it all disappears.




CanYNP 034 This foreplay has been going on for about 30 minutes since I arrived.

As the temperature continues to fall, I am getting as cold as ice and hope the foreplay soon ends.



More blubbing, more steaming, more blubbing, I can sense the temperature is rising then the moment we have all been waiting for. A cloud of steam ascends a hundred plus feet in the air from the spewing hot water.



CanYNP 040 Moon Over A Rising Star



CanYNP 043 Downwind, I am touched by the mist now cooled by the night air. Amazing since it leaves the earth at 200 plus degrees.

Old Faithful has once again made an appearance worthy of an Academy Award Oscar.




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