Friday, September 24, 2010

Kentucky, A Mini Road Trip



Map picture

Leaving Nashville on Interstate 65 North, like a kid in a National Lampoon Vacation movie scene, I am looking forward to seeing the “Welcome To Kentucky” highway sign.


Pictures 286 Reminds me of the days of family road trips and the mandatory sometimes dangerous stops for pictures at the state border.





Here is where states make a statement about themselves. Georgia, The Peach State. Arizona, The Grand Canyon State. Kentucky, The Home Of Abraham Lincoln. I did not know that. I have always just thought of Kentucky as The Bluegrass State.



Sam 083 “Look kids, Welcome Center next exit. Anyone has to go?”




EYW 125 “OK, you grab the Room Saver magazine for hotel coupons while I collect brochures of all the things we can do in Kentucky but never will.”





Mammoth Cave National Park is still plenty miles down the road and our Room Saver comes in quite handy with a $39.99 room for the night at Microtel Inn in Bowling Green.

I fall asleep with nice memories from family trips on the road. However, I miss the bed jumping and hearing from the backseat, “Mom, tell Kai to stop looking at me.”


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