Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wyoming, Grand Teton


My journey southbound is about to bring me face to face with the Grand Teton of them all. At Jackson Lake Junction, I make the turn towards Jenny Lake. Across the Jackson Lake Dam, I am a bit closer to my showdown. The intimidation is building as I take the scenic loop for Jenny Lake at North Jenny Lake Junction.



CanYNP 140 Jenny Lake with it's clear calm waters provides a nice reflecting pool for Grand Teton which stands in the background at 13,770 feet.








CanYNP 139 I am just 13,764 feet shy of having a face to face with Grand Teton.

A twenty minute stare down and Grand Teton does not even blink. Leaving, I think I catch a wink and smile back at it's awesome beauty.






Grand Teton Range Worth more than a thousand words




SamYNP 099 A mail drop at the Moose Post Office and I am dipping my hands in the fast flowing, crisp waters of the Snake River.

Here adventurers await there turn to challenge the river on rafting trips.

Looks like a lot of fun on what has turned out to be a warm and gorgeous summer afternoon.



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