Sunday, September 12, 2010

Utah, Temple Square



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Having grown up in a church environment and coming within inches of becoming a priest, I have developed a respect for most religions.

Given the opportunity, especially when traveling, I often make attempts to learn more about religions unfamiliar to me.

However, I do so with a reminder of a story told to me a long time ago.

St. Peter is giving a tour of heaven and says “Behind that door is all the (pick any religion) that made it to heaven (paradise)”

Past another door, St. Peter cautions his tour guests to be quiet. Curious one of them asks, “why?”.

St. Peter replies, “Those are the (pick any religion), they think they are the only ones up here!”


Temple 003 This evening I am in Salt Lake City and get a chance to visit Temple Square.

Here you can find on display a lot of Mormon history. Having hiked a part of the Mormon Trail in Nebraska, I find a display of a pilgrim family’s journey here very interesting.




Greeted by friendly missionaries, I get an insight into their personal calling and the Mormon faith.


Temple 006 At a nearby Chapel I am fortunate to stumble on a choir practice that is pretty cool.

Not quite the Mormon Tabernacle Choir but a good sampling of what that experience might be like.

The Tabernacle Choir practices on Thursday evenings.



A visit to the building where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs is impressive. Built when the Latter Day Saints first arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, it is home to one of the world's largest pipe organs. I imagine the acoustics here are fantastic.




Temple 007 Home Of The Mormon Tabernacle Choir


The Salt Lake Temple, the anchor of the square, impressively dominates all the other buildings here. It is off limits to visitors but the exterior is still a sight worth seeing. Two visitor centers are also located here but the area closes at 9:00pm.



Temple 001 From The Prophet Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and The Book Of Mormon, I leave Temple Square with a better understanding of the Mormon faith.







Although I don't expect to be a convert anytime soon, if I did, I wonder which door I would end up behind.


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