Friday, September 23, 2011

New York, A Ride In The Park


I think is a fair conclusion that while during anytime of the year it is good to visit Central Park, I would say late summer or fall is best.

This afternoon the weather is warm and beautiful as I start a walk from Madison Avenue to the park. Along the way I am enticed by a $5 bike rental offer and decide to see park using some pedal power.A driver's license left behind as a deposit and I am peddling my way down 8th Avenue.



SamSep22 004 



The park is busy with others enjoying it's picturesque and serene surroundings as the sound of the city fades in the background. Joggers, cyclists, skaters, walkers and horse drawn carriages all compete for space on the park's numerous streets and paths.

I detour of the main road and follow the sound of music echoing from a distance. Groups and individuals provide free entertainment to park goers although donations are gladly accepted.



SamSep22 006 As boats row behind us, I spend a few minutes trying to cheer up a young man who seems a little gray.

His cellphone rings and it puts him in a better mood. However, he's still a little stiff as he leaves.






My next stop is at what I am told is the only private part of Central Park, a lawn bowling club. I am thinking about a membership just for the chance to spend more time here. I am sure I can master the form to become a pro lawn bowler.



SamSep22 021

I leave the park for a daring adventure. I actually want to ride the streets of New York on a bicycle and survive.

Passing the Apple Store, I head towards Rockefeller Center, St Patrick's Cathedral and then of course, Times Square.








SamSep22 011 Times Square



Needless to say I survived weaving between buses, yellow cabs and pedestrians. I could hardly imagine having more fun and excitement in Manhattan for just $15.00!





Thursday, September 22, 2011

New York, These Streets Will Make You ….


Over the years, I have spent plenty of time in New York City. I would argue that it is the most awesome city in America if not the world.

Here's just one of my experiences in this great city.

I wake up on a Sunday morning and just outside my hotel, The Roosevelt there is a street fair on Madison Avenue. Although Japanese food seems to be the flavor of the day there is still a nice mix of other ethnic foods that represent this great melting pot.



SamSep22 002 From Mexican to Thai, Madison Avenue is lined with a diversity of food vendors and other merchants.

I fall first for a taste of Japanese, a pork belly burger then it is a sampling of Thai, satay and a sweet potato fritter.

All delicious!





It is easy to see why in the words of a popular hip-hop song that these streets will not only make you feel brand new but I would add, pleasingly full, as well.