Thursday, September 22, 2011

New York, These Streets Will Make You ….


Over the years, I have spent plenty of time in New York City. I would argue that it is the most awesome city in America if not the world.

Here's just one of my experiences in this great city.

I wake up on a Sunday morning and just outside my hotel, The Roosevelt there is a street fair on Madison Avenue. Although Japanese food seems to be the flavor of the day there is still a nice mix of other ethnic foods that represent this great melting pot.



SamSep22 002 From Mexican to Thai, Madison Avenue is lined with a diversity of food vendors and other merchants.

I fall first for a taste of Japanese, a pork belly burger then it is a sampling of Thai, satay and a sweet potato fritter.

All delicious!





It is easy to see why in the words of a popular hip-hop song that these streets will not only make you feel brand new but I would add, pleasingly full, as well.






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