Friday, September 10, 2010

Wyoming, Yellowstone A Gem Of Nature



CanYNP 090 Descending a hill about ten minutes from Craig Pass, an early morning view of Yellowstone Lake comes into sight.

America's largest mountain lake which at one time flowed into the Pacific and Arctic Ocean.




CanYNP 093 A closer view requires that I make the turn towards West Thumb and Grant Village but I continue my journey south.







CanYNP 101 Yellowstone Local



CanYNP 103 Along with a few other park visitors, I watch and take pictures as a small herd of mule deer are leisurely enjoying breakfast and a morning stroll along the highway.






CanYNP 097 Again, another neat experience to see the park's animal going about their normal daily routine.






SamYNP 075 Fortunately for me some areas of the park are still shaded from the advancing sun and I am offered the opportunity to relax by a still tranquil lake.







SamYNP 076 Calm Lake, Yellowstone Morning Fog


The world around me is silent except for the sounds of nature as I enjoy my peaceful surroundings. The scenery reminds me that somewhere there is always a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


SamYNP 080 Sometimes nature offers a nice option even if it is not in the form of a rose.







CanYNP 107 Although only thirty feet in height, Lewis Falls is still worth a stop.

A walk beneath the over pass allows a chance to touch it's refreshingly cool waters as it flows through an open valley southbound.





CanYNP 108 Lewis Falls



SamYNP 079 Relatively calm here, the water will at points downstream become a rushing tempest as it descends steep gouges.







CanYNP 110 Returning to my car, I am greeted by a strange fellow out for a morning jog.






SamYNP 085 Wanting to strike up a conversation, I follow him along in my car.

However, I gather he's not the talkative type as he seems oblivious to my presence.

Jogging at about five to seven miles an hour, I guess he's training for the Boston Marathon and just wants to stay focused.



CanYNP 030 I wonder what Fantastic Mr Fox would have to say about that.





My first thought at the news of a forest fire is, how devastating. However, I have come to learn that forest fires are a vital part of the parks ecosystem. Over the years, numerous fires have happened in the park and although it seems destructive to the landscape, it also has benefits.



SamYNP 086 Lewis River Flowing In Gouge Below


One such fire occurred in the area I am now standing watching the Lewis River fiercely flow in a gouge below me.


CanYNP 111 Riding the wind, the fire leaped this gouge but today a slow rebirth and new growth is occurring. Part of a natural cycle of nature.





Soon Yellowstone South Entrance approaches and I am on my way to Grand Teton National Park.


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