Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tennessee, Robert's Western World


Sam 044 It is Labor Day 2010 and for a Monday night Robert's Western World has a decent mixed crowd relaxing and enjoying the sounds of John England & The Western Swingers.





A popular Nashville Honky Tonk for decades and home of the Hillbilly Grill, Western World is a good place for a sampling of country music and fine southern dining.




Sam 028 “My sandwich has a lot of fat and calories but taste so very very good because it is southern cooking and Hillbilly Grill has a way with B O L O G N A!”







Sam 029Dancing Stars


Sipping a cold as the Rocky Mountain Coors Light beer, I sit back and take mental notes of a few of the moves from dancers on the floor. Now was that a twirl or a spin? Which leg did she just kick up?

Dinner and a few beers later, I am ready to see if I have any honky tonk in me. We wait for the right moment, a crowded dance floor and make our move.



Sam 035 A smile and a nod from the band leader gives a sign of approval.

Did he notice my side kick or was it more for our Coors Light and Busch beer liquid courage to get up and try?






Leaving the dance floor without falling or causing collision was a personal best accomplishment. However, I don't think I will be receiving any offers from the Grand Ole Opry anytime soon.

The Western Swingers are done for the night and as the next band sets up I check out some of Robert's Western World memorabilia. Can you remember a time when Burt Reynolds was hot and had hair? Be careful, don't date yourself.



Sam 039 Robert's Western World Memorabilia


From his light blue jacket and Marge Simpson hair do, you can tell that Conan O'Brien was always on the fashion cutting edge. Styling!


Sam 055 Too many beers and you might just walk out of Western World with a pair Justin or Tony Lama boots.

Although, I am told you can get them cheaper a few doors up the street but not at 2am!





Sam 051 A little Willie Nelson tune starts the next musical set and I am about ready to dish the Busch beer and find me some moonshine.

I think I am ready for a swim in the “Whiskey River”.







Sam 053 “Whiskey River don't run dry. You're all I got, take care of me”



Like the Western Swingers before them this band is also made up of members that have performed and continue to play with some of country music great artists. The drummer played for Buck Owen co-host of the TV series Hee Haw with Roy Clark from the late 1960's while one of the guitarist perform with Randy Travis on tour.



Sam 056 From tonight's performance, I think I am being treated to some of country's best and most talented musicians.

Steel guitars, banjo's, cello's, fiddles and twangy voices all for the price of a tip jar donation.

A heck of a bargain.






Sam 060 Robert's Western World


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