Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wyoming, Yeah Pronghorn, Yeah!


CanYNP 144 Now headed back northbound, I take a detour down Antelope Flats Road with a promise of more animal sightings.

Pass huge open fields decorated with isolated buildings, the Grand Teton Mountain Range provides another wonderful backdrop.





CanYNP 146 Specks of a herd of bison can be also be seen in the distance




Further along Antelope Flats Road, I spot a herd of animals moving at a fast curving run across the plains to the right of me. Making a left turn down another road, I park my car where I think I can intercept their path.



CanYNP 147 With the engine shut off, I get may camera ready and wait.

I almost guessed right as within in minutes after parking about 20 pronghorns go racing across the street behind me.





CanYNP 148 I manage to capture just a few shots.







CanYNP 149 Thinking the stampede is over, I relax to watch the herd disappear in the distance only to be surprised a few moments later.







CanYNP 150 Here comes a lone stud of a pronghorn



I think I get the idea what's going on here. This pronghorn is asking himself, why must I always chase the cat?


Austin Powers As Austin Powers would say, Yeah Pronghorn, Yeah!







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