Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tennessee, An Ace In The Hole



Sam 025 From the concierge at the Hermitage Hotel, we get a dinner recommendation for Jacks Bar-b-Que on Broadway between 4th and 5th Avenue.

I am promised reasonably prices and the best bar-b-que that downtown Nashville has to offer.




The sweet smell of bar-b-que is lingering in the air as we approach Jacks. Chairs are turned upside down and tables pushed aside as I peer through the big front window. The aroma emanating from Jacks turns out to be just a big tease. On this Monday night at 10pm, Jacks is already closed for the evening. Right now life is so unfair, I feel like someone just done shot my dog.



Sam 026 A twang here, a twang there and I am distracted from my culinary sorrow as I am drawn to the sounds coming from Roberts Western World, home of the Hillbilly Grill.

“Life is a gamble”, and so is finding good bar-b-que on a Monday night in downtown Nashville.





Sam 030 Appropriate to my situation at hand, as I step into Western World, John England & The Western Swingers are entertaining the patron with an old George Strait song.

“Don't put it all on the line for just one roll”, like waiting to eat dinner at 10pm.






Sam 035 “You've got to have an ace in the hole”



Sam 048 As it turns out our “ace in the hole” is the Hillbilly Grill located inside of Roberts Western World.

Serving some traditional southern food like fried bologna sandwich, chips, PBR and Goo Goo Clusters which comes as “Recession Special” for just $5.00.





Sam 028 Although this is generally a conservative area of the country there is also a special that even President Obama might appreciate.

A $5 “Stimulus Package” offers a beef hot dog, Ken Lay's potato chips, A President Busch beer and a Moon pie.





Add a side of fried sweet pickles or low fat fried lard and you have got a southern cooking culinary experience. I enjoy an ice cold Coors Light while I wait for my order from the grill then it is time to come down from the Rocky Mountains and show my manly side. With a juicy Angus burger, cold Busch beer and Lay’s classic potato chips.



Sam 038




For a Monday night Roberts Western World has a decent crowd and by my measure a great band. Members of the Western Swingers have performed with many of country music's great legends. From Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline to Merle Haggard and Vince Gill.



Sam 029 John England & The Western Swingers have been performing at Roberts Western World every Monday since July 2001.

To experience a bit of honky-tonk in Nashville, they are worth seeing.




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