Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wyoming, Yellowstone And Dawn’s Early Light


CanYNP 053 Retracing my steps from the day before, I pass through Madison Junction headed towards Yellowstone’s South Entrance and Grand Teton National Park.





In the early morning light the same scenery is a different experience than the day before. The moon is setting on my right as dawn's early light approaches from the east. It is always a sensory delight to watch the changing of the color guard.



CanYNP 055 Setting Moon


The moon’s brilliant white is slowly replaced by the advancing orange rays of the sun. Night's blackness is exchanged for morning’s peaceful shades of blue. The contrast is spectacular on the park's landscape. An occasional approaching car removes my trance like state but I am still like a deer steering in the headlight as I enjoy nature's beauty.


CanYNP 056 Valley fog lifts as the sun gently heats the air ever so slowly.

It is promising to be a gorgeous day in Yellowstone.






CanYNP 058 Continuing my drive south, just beyond the Old Faithful turn off, I spot a lone bison having breakfast and park.

The gap between us gradually closes as he grazes aimlessly towards me. Eventually the bison crosses the street right in front of me.





CanYNP 067 An astounding bison close up



CanYNP 082 Grazing the median






Brief stops for selected photo opportunities then the Nissan's heater is at full blast. I can only stand a few minutes in the moist cold air. With just the blowing sound of hot air, my journey south continues to be most enjoyable.



CanYNP 085 From Old Faithful area it is a gradual climb to Craig Pass and the Continental Divide an elevation of about 8200 feet.





Here I am standing at the peaked roof of the continent and the birthplace of America’s greatest rivers. The Snake, Columbia, Missouri and Mississippi rivers all start here will drama except in the spring.



CanYNP 084 Isa Lake, Snake, Columbia, Missouri And Mississippi Birthplace



CanYNP 086 From Craig Pass and Continental Divide area, a hike can made to nearby Shoshone Lake in the valley below.





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