Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wyoming, I'm On The Highway To ….


Exiting the South Entrance of Yellowstone, I am on the highway to Grand Teton National Park and I can tell unlike AC DC there’s going to be a lot of things to slow me down. From what I have experienced so far, I know resistance will be futile, I’m going down … All the way!

I am now on John D. Rockefeller, Jr Memorial Parkway, a combination of Highway 89, 191 and 287. Like most of the roads I have traveled in Yellowstone it is a well paved two lane highway that becomes very scenic to drive.


CanYNP 115 With huge pine trees on both sides of it and a descending rolling hill, Highway 89 frames the  majestic Tetons ahead of it, spectacularly.








SamYNP 093 Where's DMBTraveler?

With my camera's self timer set, I soon capture myself blended in with the Grand Teton National Park welcome sign.

I am about to discover another of America's hidden gems.



So far, from every perspective the views of the Teton Mountain Range are dazzling, gorgeous, radiant, spectacular and magnificent. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I still have 995 words to go.



CanYNP 122 Beautiful, Charming, Awe-Inspiring




CanYNP 124 Reaching the northern end of Jackson Lake, the water is still unbroken by the morning breeze and remains smooth as glass.

A colorful flower bed extends from the shore line and floats on the surface of the calm clear water.




Across the lake a thin layer of clouds hangs below the jagged peaks of a small mountain range. A nice contrast of white, gray and blue. I stay at Jackson Lake long enough to see the morning breeze begin to make it's presence known on the area.



CanYNP 126 A gentle ripple develops on the lake surface as the mountain clouds rise and begin to dissipate.

Still a beautiful sight to see.






It becomes difficult to move but I sense more of nature's beauty awaits me. More sharp contrast of clear blue skies, lush green vegetation and jagged mountain peaks with patches of still remaining white winter snow.



CanYNP 129 




CanYNP 135 Along the highway, I stop and absorb the distance views of the Teton Mountain Range, feeling insignificant by their dominance.








CanYNP 132 To comprehend their birth and the work of nature over million and millions of years is beyond amazing.







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