Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wyoming, Dining In West Yellowstone


Returning to downtown West Yellowstone from an evening with Old Faithful, most restaurant are closing for the night and my dining choices for local fare is shrinking.


Canyon Street Grill Circling “The Wagons”, I settle on Canyon Street Grill, an old fashioned diner styled restaurant.







Inside Canyon Grill Inside Canyon Street Grill


Hanging airplanes, Classic Chevy's and posters from yesteryear gives Canyon Street a feel good fun atmosphere.


Canyon Grill Menu

With a menu boasting “The Best Chicken Sandwiches”, I am up for the Chicken Challenge.

Offering choices like El Diablo, Smokey Joe and James Dean, I select my man Smokey Joe minus the cheddar cheese. I do keep the crisp bacon, onions, honey mustard barbeque sauce and slices of chicken on toasted pumpernickel bread.




Smokey Joe Sandwich Smokey Joe


A bit messy to eat but the flavors work well together. A little less source would have helped. By no means your ordinary chicken sandwich. With a friendly and attentive wait staff, Canyon Street is a nostalgic slice of American Pie.


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