Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wyoming, Grand Tetons A Geological View


Grand Teton Range Returning from my detour down Antelope Flats Road, I make a right turn and head north on an open Highway 89.

Traveling at about 55 miles per hour I seem to be standing still against the great expanse of the Teton Range.




CanYNP 151 With Snake River to my left, I can now witness some of the geological history of the area.

In view, a deep and wide valley lies in the foreground of the mountain range, a result of movement on the Teton fault about 10 million years ago.



Massive earthquakes caused the mountains to rise and the valley floor to drop. Over time the work of melting glaciers re-leveled the valley floor.

Along Highway 89 northbound open fields and dude ranches offer opportunities for horseback riding and great hiking. At Highway 26 a left turn and I am at the Moran Entrance to Grand Teton National Park. With my National Parks Annual Pass in hand I get another free admission to one of America's natural treasure.



CanYNP 158 Just beyond the Moran Entrance a small crowd has gathered along the highway shoulder. Curious I stop but could see no reasoning for the gathering except the fantastic views across a reflecting lake.




Keeping my eyes on the serene lake surface a smooth green cover small mountain into focus with the towering snow spotted jagged Tetons ever present in the background.



CanYNP 154



More time spent here and maybe this part of the park would have offered more than fantastic views as I see others now gathering with binoculars as I continue north.


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