Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tennessee, A Little Rock And Roll


Sam 061 Even after a fun night of honky tonk, no trip to Music City, USA, would be complete without a little Rock and Roll.







Sam 074 Tootsie’s about to celebrate 50 years on the Nashville nightlife scene is just the place to hear music that is as American as baseball and apple pie.






A narrow entrance but with a long bar, Tootsie's has the right atmosphere to give you that, “I want rock all night and ... everyday”, sing your heart out, head banging experience. A Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) provides me a little encouragement.



Sam 063 Entering Tootsie's, part of tonight's band is on a small stage while the bass guitarist and lead vocalist (with a shot in hand) are entertaining the crowd standing on the bar.








Sam 067 This band is fun and energetic




Sam 071 Maybe thanks in part to the numerous rounds of shots from a “Geraldo Rivera” look a like in the audience.

For once, Geraldo has done something honorable in public.






Besides being musically talented the lead vocalist even has a sense of humor. We are told that a few day ago, “It was so hot in Nashville that even former Republican Tennessee US Senator Fred Thompson has a fan”.



Sam 086 Comedy aside, the band along with it's cameo guest appearances is rich with talent and downright patriotic.

A solo electric guitar rendition by one of them of “Star Spangled Banner” gives the audience a dose of both.






Sam 077

Pulling a child of rock and roll from the audience we get a fired up bring the house down, “Welcome To The Jungle”. I begin to wonder if Guns-N-Roses is hiding somewhere in the building. This rocker is ready for American Idol.



Sam 087 Honky Tonked and Rocked out for the night, I take a stroll by Legends to snap a picture of a guitar displaying some of Honky Tonk Legends.

Willie Nelson, the man in black, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jenning and I think Patsy Cline.

Now it’s time to Roll.



Next stop somewhere in Kentucky, I am headed to Mammoth Cave National Park.


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