Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Hampshire, Fall Foliage



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First in the nation for many things including holding the first United States Presidential primary in the 1800’s and the invention of the first alarm clock, New Hampshire should also be first on your list as a place to visit to experience a true fall foliage.

From Boston Logan International Airport, I am in an Alamo Rental car headed to the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire about a 150 miles away. Leaving the rental car lot it is a quick and easy access to I-93 North but have your wallet open.


Big Dig It is a $3.50 toll to experience one of the biggest and most expensive public project.

“The Big Dig” is considered by some as “America's Greatest Highway Robbery”.

At a cost of about $22 billion, I wonder why. How fortunate I am to be a part of it.




Soon the $3.50 toll becomes worth it as crossing the New Hampshire state line I relive the stories told and the history of America's fight for independence.



CAN 394  “Live Free Or Die”


At the state's “Welcome Center” I load up on maps and a wealth of information for my journey northbound. Hints of what lies ahead line I-93 North and makes me feel like I am on a treasure hunt.



CAN 399 I am told that Exit 34C about 100 miles away marks the spot but I can sense that there are many “X's” along this route including a Dunkin' Donuts.

Here, I am forced to have a sweet taste of fall with a hole in the middle. Pumpkin Spice, how nice!





CAN 460


Another toll booth and I begin to enter the canvass of a great artist. Rolling hills and distant mountains covered with various shades of yellows, reds and orange. I know Picasso or Rembrandt must be close by.



CAN 402 A sheared mountain side rises on my left, it's feet decorated with sprinkles of yellows and orange.

This is no work of a human artist it is nature reminding me of it's awesome beauty.







 CAN 404 Bridge View





CAN 406 Exit 34C approaches and I am at Franconia Notch, my pupils are dancing to the rich colors of the fall foliage that only they can capture beyond imagination.







CAN 408 This afternoon it is a bit cool under partly cloudy skies but the weather condition does little to dampen the brilliant colors here.

On a sunny afternoon it would be one of nature's perfect postcards.







CAN 409 




SAM 003 From below the bridge a rushing stream adds a beautiful tranquil soundtrack to the delightfully encompassing scenery above.








CAN 416 Here you can witness the evolution of fall foliage as various trees are in the process of getting ready for winter.








CAN 435 Vibrant Reds




CAN 413 Purples and Bronzes








CAN 421 Yellow Birch, Mountain Maple and Ash trees that fill the mountain and valley landscape have a colorful way of saying good-bye to warm days and cool nights.






CAN 456 Did you know that brighter red leaves on maple trees means that the leaves have a higher sugar content?

However, with a warm and rainy autumn, leaves may have less red coloration.







CAN 429 Also leaves on the same tree but with less sun exposure tend to be yellow




CAN 423 As the sun occasionally hides behind a cloud or a mountain peak it cast a shadow on the landscape and the temperature drops a few degrees.







CAN 458 With the sun sinking west, I leave Franconia Notch hoping to spot a moose or two along the Kancamagus Highway.








CAN 404 Beautiful New Hampshire Fall Foliage



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