Friday, October 29, 2010

Georgia, To Conquer A Dragon


Arriving at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, I am about to take a step back in time. Equipped with just a backpack, Samsung SL605 point and shoot camera and a helmet, I am about to become a dragon slayer.


MARTA Train I will need some assistance to complete my mission so I pay a $4.50 fare and board MARTA, the Atlanta transit system.

I am headed to see the dragon slayer master who will meet me at the Lindbergh station.





SAM 004 About an hour after arriving in Atlanta, I am at Dan's Motorcycle where I suit up and take command of a dark blue Honda ST-1300.

Dan provides some local information then escorts us to the Georgia 400. A wave off at 70 miles per hour and we are now alone on our way to meet a dragon.






SAM 007 Georgia 400



Along some areas of the highway, the median is covered with brilliant pink and purple flowers which provide a stark contrast to the bright reds, orange and yellows in the background.



SAM 010 I am soon beginning to sense the dragon's far reaching powers as the surrounding scenery soon becomes captivating and requires an inner strength to press on to my destination.

I am told the further north I travel the more engaging the scenery will become.

I have no doubts.





SAM 013 Today, traffic flows well along what has now become 19/60 North.

Weakened by the gorgeous landscape and feeling the need to stand and stretch, we make a stop at a Georgia institution, Chick Fil A.






While dining on a Spicy Chicken Sandwich along with a Polynesian Sauce, Diet Lemonade and Waffle fries, I encounter a Merlin who gives me more insight for my journey. With a magic touch he fires up his electronic information capsule and together we go over a heavenly view map of the area courtesy of the Google gods.




SAM_3770Dragon Slayer?



Calculating the time of the falling sun, we are given cautious warnings of the north wind and falling temperatures as our journey will now take us to higher elevations.



SAM_3772 With a blessing from the “Great Wizard” we are soon snaking our way on 60 North toward Suches, Georgia.

The temptation to stop and be engulfed by spectacular scenery is becoming more and more irresistible even as I race against a westward sun.






SAM 014 A sparkling blue lake accented with fall foliage against a perfectly clear blue sky and my ST-1300 comes to a complete stop.








SAM 021This is a view that must be enjoyed at zero miles per hour.




SAM 022 A calm lake surrounded by beautiful fall foliage.








SAM 017 Continuing the journey, we begin to ride the back of a snake as it slivers it’s way through a mountain landscape that is as peaceful as it is beautiful.







SAM 016 Sneaking between tall trees the sun becomes a lighting technician on a movie set, highlighting some areas and shading others.








SAM 018 Setting the right mood and spotlighting the right colors to enjoy nature's fall foliage.









SAM 025




SAM 028 Open areas along the highway show wide  farmlands and a chance to feel the sun’s warmth against the autumn temperatures that are starting to fall.








SAM 020 Passing through Ducktown, Tennessee, we now join Tennessee 68 North. It is not long before the views are displaying more curves and brilliant colors.






As previously warned, the north wind is beginning to make it's presence felt. Somewhere along 68 North another temptation crosses my path in the form of a Kawasaki Voyager.



Kawasaki Voyager For $1500 cash this requires further investigation and serious consideration.







We have lost the battle with the westward sun as we make a fuel stop at Tellico Plains, Tennessee but I am within striking distance of the dragon. Only about 50 miles and one mountain pass separates us.



SAM_3608 As the moon climbs higher in the night sky and a cold wind crosses my face, I take on the last challenge before I become a Conqueror or conquered.







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