Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Hampshire, Kancamagus Highway



CAN 473 Joining the Kancamagus Highway the sun is beginning to say a colorful good-bye to the day.







CAN 492 It's soft orange farewell adds to the surrounding fall foliage and gives it a warm feeling despite the chill developing in the air.







CAN 475



Headed to Conway, New Hampshire from I-93, the town of Lincoln provides the best opportunity for dining as the next 34 miles will only fill your scenic appetite. Hoping to spot moose dining along the highway, I discard my hunger and press on.



CAN 494 My first scenic spot rewards me with the rushing sounds of the Pemigewasset River and the fall colors along it's banks.







CAN 495 I also get the chance to meet one heck of a cute Chinese kid traveling with his parents.

Carrying a picture of a 747, I take a quick liking to this kid.









CAN 505 Kancamagus Highway



With tall trees on either side of the highway blocking the setting sun, in some areas it seems as if I am driving in and out of the edge darkness. Where the sun breaks thru it enriches the already bright red and warm orange leaves.



CAN 503 Pemigewasset River









This evening I am guessing all the moose are seniors and have opted for the early dinner specials. I have been told the grassy areas along the river bank and highway is where they are normally spotted in the early morning or evening hours. In Lincoln there are “Moose Tours” that guarantee sightings but I imagine this is in areas away from the highway.



CAN 512 Despite the lack of moose sightings the scenery along the Kancamagus Highway is still worth the drive.

The Kancamagus Highway is open year round and offers lots of outdoor activities.




Arriving at the other end of the Kancamagus Highway in Conway, although it is dark I am in search of a famous New England covered bridge. Stopping at a local gas station for information I am approached by a young kid and asked...

“Do you know anyone going to Albany? I have just been punched in the stomach and need a ride home.”

We are both in a predicament and work out a nice compromise. He will show me a nearby covered bridge and I will give him a ride home. I am not one to pick up hitch hikers even if they are just 11 years old but I sense this kid is not a mass murderer. He turns out to be funny, quick witted and a good storyteller as he quizzes me and becomes an on the spot tour guide.




CAN 521 Not far from my original stop we are crossing the Saco River and a covered bridge built in 1890.









SAM 018 “If you look down there, you can see the river. I go swimming there and last week my friends found a dead shark in it”

Maybe just another fish story but told by an 11 year old, it's believable.





Fulfilling my end of the deal, I am navigating off the beaten path but minutes later I am dropping a polite and appreciative kid home.



SAM 010 Now traveling south on Highway 16 it's time to feed my hunger.

A stop at Sammy's and I am enjoying a sandwich and a hot tea to warm my bones.








SAM 003 Chicken Pesto, Homemade Potato Chips



My sandwich on focaccia is a little heavy on the bread but it is not bad for a joint named after a cute dog.



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