Friday, August 27, 2010

Wyoming, Destination Yellowstone


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SamYNP 001 My journey to Yellowstone National Park somewhat begins in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Instead of a 320 mile 5 hour drive, I opt for an hour and a half fight on Skywest, The Delta Connection.

Along with about 15 other passengers, I patiently wait to board my flight in a standing room only waiting area.



“Now boarding all passengers for Delta Connection Flight 7783”



SamYNP 005 Today my flight is onboard an EMB-120 turboprop airplane which holds about 30 passengers.

This service is only offered seasonally to West Yellowstone Airport.





SamYNP 008 It is not long before I am asleep to the hypnotic sound of the spinning propellers.

This is something I love about these types of airplanes, it brings back memories of the old romance of flying.

I am awaken in flight somewhere over Southern Wyoming with blue skies above, farmlands and wide open spaces below.




CanYNP 005

Soon I capture Grand Teton Mountain Range in the distance which I hope to visit up close in a day or two.


SamYNP 012 Our arrival into West Yellowstone Airport gives nice views of the diverse landscape to be explored.

The airport is only served by Skywest Airlines although it has previously hosted Air Force One and President Obama.





Sam2YNP 003An Economy Car from Avis for $62 per day will give me the “Spirit Of Mobility” while at Yellowstone.

Although rentals are also available from Budget at comparable prices, Avis seems to have a better selection of cars available.




From the airport it is a short drive into town and the West Entrance of Yellowstone National Park. This part of Yellowstone is located in Montana. Established in 1872, Yellowstone is America's and the world's first national park. Although most of the park is in Wyoming it is so huge it also encompasses a part of Idaho and Montana.

The park was formed from historic volcanic eruptions and has more geysers than New Zealand and Iceland. Part of my adventure here is to witness one of the most famous geysers, Old Faithful.


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