Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Indiana, Indianapolis



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The weather is pleasant for a summer afternoon as I leave the Hyatt Regency and cross the street for lunch at Champps. Should I have the 22oz Beer Special for $3.75 or a regular 16oz for $3.65.


Homer Simpson Ummm, WWHSD? What would Homer Simpson do?

A Bar-B-Q pulled pork sandwich topped with Tabasco fried string onions, served with a side of coleslaw and potato chips, I think I have made the right choice.

Still in a beer research and sampling mode, my next stop is at the Rock Bottom Brewery.

Surprisingly cold inside, I guess because of the in house brewery. I am forced to take my 16oz case study (A Blue Moon Variant) to the outdoor street side patio.



With limited tables available, I am soon approached then joined by two locals Ron and Mel. As luck would have it, Ron and Mel are experts on the local Indianapolis scene. From local city businesses and the housing market condition to local music and nightlife, I am soon filled with Hoosier knowledge.


Downtown Indianapolis

With outdoor cafes, a unique city center and great restaurants, downtown Indianapolis has a European feel to it.







IND 027

Anchored at the city center is a Monument Circle a part of a memorial to Indiana's veterans from the Civil War forward.


IND 028 Fountains, open spaces and wide steps makes this a good place for a relaxing break.






Feeling adventurous, you can climb 332 steps to the top of the monument for great views of the city. The extra 6 ounces of beer from earlier in the afternoon make the $2.00 elevator ride more appealing.


IND 036 Near Monument Circle I meet another local Hoosier.

A little on the heavy side and with an attitude, Chay is beautiful and she knows it.

Some rough neck scratching to break the ice and eventually she warms up to me.



It's a brief friendship as she is soon off to work giving a few customers a romantic and historic carriage ride around the city.


IND 037South from Monument Circle, I am reminded that one of my favorite drugs Prozac has it's foundation right here in Indianapolis.

A plaque honoring the company founded in May 1876 by Colonel Eli Lily can be seen along Meridian Street.



Don't worry if Prozac does nothing for you. Need to get up in the next 36 hours, Eli Lily also has a product for you.


IND 039 In close proximity to downtown you will also find Lucas Stadium home to Peyton Manning and the NFL Indianapolis Colts.






Slippery Noodle All is quiet in the afternoon as I pass through the “Wholesale District” Indianapolis nightlife and cultural center.

Here you can find a great Jazz and Blues Bar the “Slippery Noodle” founded in 1850.

My local sources tell me it is worth the return trip after dark.

Ummm, WWHSD?


For more on Downtown Indianapolis visit: http://www.indydt.com/


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