Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rhode Island, Providence .. And I Said



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Staying at the Hilton Downtown Providence, you may say we have nothing in common but I say “What about breakfast at Caffe Dolce Vita”? With my VIP 20 percent off discount card from the Concierge Manny at the Hilton, I think we can have a great time.

Canon 161 Located at 59 DePasquale Plaza in the Federal Hill area of downtown Providence, Caffe Dolce Vita is just a short 15 minute walk from the Hilton. Like myself most people only think of great culinary experiences during lunch and dinner. Today, I hope I am in for a surprise. After all breakfast is suppose to be the most important meal of the day.


This area of the city is still asleep and the air is fresh as I park just outside DePasquale Plaza. Entering the Plaza, I am greeted by a water fountain and colorful buildings that line both sides of the plaza. I spot Caffe Dolce towards the back along with a hotel and other restaurants that are not yet open for business. I am so early that even the sole waitress is still busy opening the patio umbrellas for the day.


Dan Quayle Previewing the menu, I cannot believe a breakfast here is offered for just $2.99. Eggs, toast and home made potatoes for under $3.00.

For that price I now understand how Dan Quayle could miss spell potatos.






Canon 164

For $6.95 I order up Lemon Poppy Pancake topped with fresh strawberries and powdered sugar. So delicious you hardly need to add syrup. For a few bucks, a side of home fries (potatoes) are a nice compliment.


Canon 165 A friendly waitress, a nice outdoor patio and the peacefulness of the early morning makes this a delightful culinary experience.





Canon 166 I hope you will have breakfast at Caffe Dolce Vita then I am sure we will have something in common.





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