Thursday, September 2, 2010

Montana, West Yellowstone KOA Campground



CanYNP 050 6 miles west of town on Highway 20, I make a right turn to my accommodations for the night.





West Yellowstone KOASamYNP 058

I have reserved a cabin at KOA West Yellowstone campground. $72 per night and I am getting the “Bear” essentials part of what I want my Yellowstone experience to be.

After all, I am primarily here for some “pic a nic baskets”.





 SamYNP 052 No phone, no television just a simple plug in heater and free wireless internet.

There is a chill in the air and I doubt the plug in heater is going to do the job. Positioning it closer to the next thing I know is I am waking up at 4am to start my next day adventure in Yellowstone.


SamYNP 055 A layer of frost greets me as I cautiously load up my Nissan for the day.

The campground has reports along with evidence (a destroyed cooler) of bears roaming through the grounds at night.

I am not particular about having a close encounter of the furry kind unless it involves a “pic a nic basket”.



CanYNP 051 Leaving KOA, the moon is still bright but high in the clear night sky.

I will be on the road as Yellowstone comes and hope this will give me some neat experiences ahead of the daily crowd of visitors.




xcrabturtle said...

Yellow stone is one of my favorite places to travel in our cross country adventures. I blog at seatoshiningsea blogspot about the trips (in 36+ states) I take my kids.

Best wishes

DMBTraveler said...

Yellowstone was fantastic! Any favorites for National Parks? Hope to visit all of them.