Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Florida, Jacksonville 45 Minutes Of Terror


As is often said, one should not judge a book by it's cover. The same can be said of Night Terrors Haunted House in Jacksonville, Florida. Located in a strip mall on a busy street in Jacksonville, the outside entrance will lure you into a false sense of “how bad can this be, probably just a waste of money.” If those are your thoughts going in, you would be dead wrong, that is if you even make it out.

For the sake of comfort we make arrangements to go in with another group in line with us. That plan quickly falls apart when we are denied the option by the door keeper.

We must face this journey alone. As we are sterilized by military personnel and told that zombies have been reported loose in the area, a personal conflict develops between us. Who is going to be our group of two leader? Personally, I think I can better protect us by being a follower.

For the next 45 minutes our roles change multiple times not by choice but because one of us is a faster runner and stronger pusher than the other. Navigating dark and narrow hallways as zombies and clowns haunt us has at least one of us screaming at one time or another with both of our hearts racing a mile a minute.

Unfortunately, I was unable to capture the terror on video. However, I can tell you that even after returning to our car, we were still sweating and breathing as if we had just escaped from hell.

If you are not afraid of having stuff scared out of you or you are comfortable wearing “Depends” then Night Terror Haunted House is definitely worth the price of admission.



SAMGHOST 149As we prepare to leave Jacksonville after dark, there is one more stop we must make. It is at an Elementary School that is no ordinary school. Located near the I-10 and I-95 underpass, the old Public School No. 4 has some unverified stories behind it that has given it a haunted reputation.

From a furnace explosion that killed half the students in the 1960's to a principal that went crazy and ate students he kept in a meat locker, just looking at the building gives me the creeps.





As we set off to explore the fenced in building, I leave our car ready in case we have to make a quick getaway. I am just not sure who or what might be looking back at us from the dark shadows of this legendary place of evil and terror.




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