Thursday, October 25, 2012

Georgia, Savannah Walking Ghost Tour


With our Spanish friends Calimochos in hand, we leave the Savannah Riverfront headed somewhere across town for our “Walking Ghost Tour” rendezvous point. Although the street lights are dim, in the distance we can see a small gathering of people in the area of where we think we should be meeting.

From reviews online, for $30 per person we have chosen to do our tour with Sixth Sense Ghost Tour. At about 9:30pm there are about twenty of us gathered at Clary's Cafe at 404 Abercorn Street in search of discovering some of Savannah's deadly past.



SAMGHOST 066Our first stop is at Jones and Bull street where we are told stories about a building facing us. Nothing particularly scary although some interesting stuff.

We are shown some pictures of what are believed to be ghosts that appear in some of the building's windows. Even with the help of my friend Calimocho and drawing on my huge imagination, I see nothing.







SAMGHOST 070Mercer Williams Haunted Home



Our tour continues criss crossing a small area of Savannah with story telling stops at places like the Mercer Williams house (Midnight In The Garden) and the famous Savannah Fountain. We are told that bridal parties pay about $1500 to have pictures taken at the Savannah Fountain which interestingly is placed on top of an old morgue in a tunnel just below it.




SAMGHOST 073For me, our next to last stop is the most interesting. An old hospital where we are told 666 patients died during a historical yellow fever out break in the city.

Although situated in an area with plenty of room to expand, the city in recent years relocated the hospital outside of town because of its spooky past.

Today, it is planned to be turned into a law school which indeed is very scary.




Although we took the tour for the thrill of it, I think the same effect could have been accomplished much cheaper especially if someone followed us around in a “Scream” mask.

There are numerous Ghost Tour companies in Savannah with all types of price ranges which I think from a tour stand point would not make much difference.




SAMGHOST 075I would add that once we got back to the hotel and spent more time with Calimocho in looking at the pictures we took, we are convinced there was a ghost looking at us from a third floor window of the old hospital building.

Or maybe, it was just a future personal injury attorney.








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