Monday, October 29, 2012

Florida, A Not So Haunted Lighthouse


After about a three hour drive from Savannah, Georgia, we arrive in the nation's oldest city St. Augustine, Florida. We are not here to discover “The Fountain Of Youth”, at least not on this trip but we are hoping to spot a goblin or two at the reported haunted St. Augustine Lighthouse.



SAMGHOST 123As we drive through town the weather is so nice that I am sure if there are any ghost that haunt the old lighthouse they are probably out and about enjoying a lovely afternoon.

Even with almost dashed hopes, we pay the US$9.75 and enjoy learning about the old fishing and shrimping industry in this part of Florida.










Although there is nothing scary happening at the lighthouse the views after climbing about two hundred winding steps is definitely worthwhile.



SAMGHOST 129I am just glad that I don't have to carry a 30lb bucket of oil up 219 steps in order to keep the lighthouse lamp burning.

Year round there is an After-Hours Paranormal Tour for US$25 person which allows you to climb the lighthouse at night. I am sure this tour would give you a better chance of a haunting experience than the one we did for US$9.75.





For now, maybe checking out “The Fountain Of Youth” is not a bad idea as I think I just saw a wrinkle.



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