Thursday, October 25, 2012

Georgia, Sweet And Musical Savannah


Besides its haunting reputation that has drawn us here, there is another side of Savannah that is literally sweet music to my ear and tummy.

For me, no visit to Savannaj would be complete without a slice or two of Vinnie Van GoGo pizza. Probably, the best pizza in the city especially when it is savored on a beautiful evening listening to local musicians perform near City Market.


SAMGHOST 062From City Market, we take a stroll down a set of steep stairs to the riverfront. Here a trip to River Street Sweet is a must. Just watching the fresh pralines being made, original and chocolate is at least 500 calories.

A few free sample bites and your diet is busted for the day. Of course, you can always start your diet tomorrow.











SAMGHOST 060With our liquid Spanish friend Calimocho, we sit outside of River Street Sweet and pass some time enjoying the riverfront.

In about an hour or so we'll be going with Calimocho on a tour that we hope will take us into some of Savannah's haunting pass.







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