Monday, October 22, 2012

Georgia, Tybee Island Lighthouse



SAMGHOST 047For a $8 admission fee, we are about to climb a piece of Georgia history. Completed in 1736, the Tybee Island Lighthouse is not only the oldest lighthouse in Georgia but it is also one of the first public structures completed in the 4th state of the Union.








SAMGHOST 039View From Tybee Island Lighthouse



After 178 winding steps, we are taking in awesome views of Tybee Island. I watch as a few huge cargo ships head out to the Atlantic Ocean. I am surprised to learn that Savanna is the nation's second busiest shipping port behind the combined New York and New Jersey Port Authority.

Back from about 200 feet above sea level, we pay for parking and then head out to the beach area. I am drawn to an information sign near the beginning of the path to the beach. It is cool to discover that this part of Georgia is where Loggerhead Sea Turtles come to nest from May to October.



SAMGHOST 049Did you know that the sex of baby turtles is determined by nest's temperature? Of course, girls are hot and boys are (very) cool.

Out of the thousands that are born here, only a small percentage will survive their beach birth to make it back to the sea.






It is a beautiful afternoon along the shore with a gentle wind giving the waves their soothing sounds. Along the beach there are swings were you can just relax and take in the calming views as small flocks of birds fly overhead.



SAMGHOST 052With a low tide it is easy to walk the wide beach area with just a few spots were pools of the cool ocean water remains.

The low tide also provides an opportunity for beach fishing. A couple sets up a pair of rods and beach chairs in the sand. Lucky, them.









SAMGHOST 053Surfers At Tybee Island Beach



At the far end of the beach from us there is a rock breaker where just on the other side surfers are enjoying some wave action. It is not Hawaii but it still seems like a lot of fun along the shores of the Peach State.




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