Thursday, October 25, 2012

Georgia, Crystal Beer Parlor



SAMGHOST 121Following a recommendation from a local tour guide, on our last day in Savannah, we head over to Crystal Beer Parlor for lunch.

The Crystal Beer has its history deep in the prohibition era as it was an old “speakeasy”.





Today, it seems like it is doing as much busy as it did back in the 1930's. However, today we can consume the once prohibited liquid legally. Although moonshine like “Bathtub Gin” is no longer available, you can still find some old time stuff here like Iron City Beer, Schlitz and Ballatine Ale.


SAMGHOST 105Interestingly Ballantine Ale was the first beer that sponsored the New York Yankees on television. Under its cap you can also find something interesting, a puzzle.









SAMGHOST 107Red Rice, Fried Chicken And Sweet Corn



Crystal Beer offers a few lunch specials and one grabs my attention. Fried chicken with red rice and sweet corn for $7.95. So delicious it should probably be illegal.



SAMGHOST 112For sure sinful, their Savannah Mud Pie. A great way to finish any meal here.

With leftover from a way too huge homemade meatball sausage, we hit the road smiling and stuffed.

Our next stop, a haunted lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida.






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