Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hawaii, Food And Fun Enjoying Oahu



2012-11-08 08.50.29After a long day of playing Co-ed Softball, a few of us meet for dinner at Duke's. Popular with locals and tourists, Duke's located on the beach is a Waikiki institution.

With pretty much open air seating and reasonable prices, dining or just hanging out at Duke is pretty hard to beat.





Dinner and a nice salad bar is about US$35 per person including drinks which you can only order one at a time. No stacking or ordering a drink for someone else (must be present to drink).

Stuffed from dinner or just wanting to test your hearing then head over to Maddog on Kuhio which we do. With a DJ spinning the tunes, a few of us burn off some calories and have a great time doing it. Although we have an early game to play in the morning, the fun last way past our bed time and it is going to be a very short night.



2012-11-08 12.46.54Hangin In Hawaii



Back at Kapiolani Park our round one playoff game goes as expected and for most of us we are happy it is over in a good way. Breakfast at Bogart's Cafe on Monsarrat Ave where we are accused by an irate customer of being “McCain and That Man supporters” then it is off to explore a bit of Oahu.


2012-11-08 12.51.37Following the coastline, we take in magnificent views of the rugged coast as awesome waves crash into it.

A stop at Sandy Beach and we are body-surfing the waves even as we are encouraged over a loud PA system to swim at another beach.

Sandy Beach is known as the most dangerous beach in America with a record number of back and neck injuries occurring here.






2012-11-08 15.31.30Kailua Beach




SAMNOV10 033This evening dinner is at Buzz's Steak House in Kailua where Presidents have been known to dine. I hope they were not given an exemption on the I am told “3 Mai Tai Limit”.

Dinner at Buzz's will set you back a little bit more than at Duke's. However, what is a Presidential experience worth to you?





My last day in Hawaii is as beautiful as my first although a little sad. It does end on a good note with breakfast at Moana Surfrider, the original Waikiki beach hotel.




2012-11-09 10.00.00Moana Surfrider Hotel




2012-11-09 10.17.36A breakfast buffet, US$30 per person is more than delicious with fresh banana pancakes and other breakfast delights along with a view and ambiance that is amazing.









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