Monday, December 19, 2011

Arkansas, From Hope To The White House


No matter your political persuasion or party affiliation, anyone should be able to appreciate a visit to The William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. The story and journey of a little boy from a small town in Arkansas, Hope, who's father dies before he is born but nonetheless he becomes The President Of The United States is impressive.



Clinton With YasserFor me, William J. Clinton's rise to become one of the most important men in the world is reflective of one of the great things I love about this country, my second birthplace.

It is a land of opportunity for anyone to succeed if one has the courage and fortitude to take advantage of what is offered.





Raised by his mother and nurtured by his grandparents, William J. Clinton overcame many obstacles and challenges to become not only one of the youngest governor's ever to win (and lose an election) but he also served two terms as President Of The United States.



President Clinton Swearing InSome even believe that if it were constitutionally possible, Clinton may have even served three or four terms.








2011-12-01 13.18.59Did you know that the first Presidential vehicle used by President Franklin D. Roosevelt was one seized from the famous gangster, Al Capone?


Or that today Presidential limousines are proudly built in Warren, Michigan.







2011-12-01 13.38.41Oval Office




2011-11-25 15.02.30Also, did you know that after World War II President Truman redesigned The Presidential Seal?

Originally, the eagle faced the talon holding the arrows of war, now it faces the olive branch. President Truman believed that the president, although prepared for war, should always look towards peace.






While this is President Clinton's library, it is not all about him. Here, I have learned more about the First Lady, life at the White House and the Office of The Presidency itself.



2011-12-01 13.47.32There is also currently even an impressive Lego exhibition. This exhibition has displays that I would have never thought possible from little pieces of colorful plastic.







Done with my afternoon tour of the library, I walk back into downtown Little Rock just in time for Happy Hour. Sliders with a side order of Pickles & Peppers along with a pint or two or three of a cold micro brew hits the spot at Big Whiskey's.




2011-12-02 17.37.16Big Whiskey’s Pickles And Peppers




McDonaldsAlthough this is no McDonalds, I have a feeling someone from Hope, Arkansas just might like hanging out here.

I hope he brings his saxophone.









Terence said...

Very interesting post and awesome pictures.

DMBTraveler said...

Glad you enjoyed it. A nice story no matter your politics.