Friday, December 2, 2011

Florida, Feeling Presidential



2011-11-25 15.02.30Entering Hanger One at The National Museum On Naval Aviation, I see my chance to have a bit of a Presidential Experience.

Sitting in front of me is one of the many “Marine One” helicopters used to transport Presidents of the United States. Now retired, this one was actually used to transport two of our most famous or infamous presidents depending on your perspective.






One of President Nixon’s more memorable photographs was taken while he was exiting this particular helicopter. For President Ford, one of his least graceful moments, a famous stumble also took place while exiting this Marine One.




2011-11-25 15.00.44I am not a crook, maybe?





2011-11-25 15.03.11Duplicating both events, I think I am more presidential striking Nixon's pose than Ford's stumble.

Based on recent events and polling data, today I am proud to write you and announce my candidacy for President Of The United Bubbas Of America.

Yes, we just might!






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