Monday, December 19, 2011

New York City, A Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


I will be the first to admit that I am biased towards New York as being one of the best cities on the planet. No matter what time of the year I visit, I find being in Manhattan to always be an exciting and enjoyable experience. From museums to street vendors, restaurants to shops, subways to crazy taxi drivers, New York City is always vibrant and full of life.


2011-12-16 19.56.29Visiting during the holiday season adds just a few more reasons why I love this city. Spending time at one of New York's if not the world's most popular and recognized holiday spot, Rockefeller Center, is enough to put anyone in the joy of the season.








2011-12-16 20.03.30 




2011-12-16 20.30.08Seeing the huge Rockefeller Christmas tree while watching ice skaters cut across a freshly saved ice rink below is almost magical as holiday music and sounds fill the air.







A loud clock winds down in front of me, ten, nine, eight ….. and then the side of a multi story building comes alive with a crowd pleasing audio visual holiday display. Multiple windows open and close then the walls become covered in sparkling snow flakes before the inner workings of the clock reappears.

Another countdown begins.




2011-12-16 18.27.56This evening, I am fortunate to share in another New York City holiday tradition. I am going to see The Rockettes in their Christmas Special at Radio City Music Hall. Regular ticket prices range from US$55 to US$150 for the show.

A little bargaining and good fortune at the box office and I manage an orchestra level seat for US$70 for the 9:30pm show.







2011-12-16 21.40.38From a tap dancing rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas.










2011-12-16 21.58.49A brilliant Toy Solider performance.





2011-12-16 22.51.48Hundreds if not thousands of Santa's appearing on stage. To the best Nativity scene I have ever seen with live animals including camels on the stage.

This show lives up to it's spectacular billing and more than exceeds my expectations. Money well spent for an evening and holiday entertainment.





Besides shows all around town with a touch of the holiday spirit, the streets are also filled with characters like Spiderman, Elmo and even Santa willing to share the joy of the season for a small price. However, to make sure we do not all get to carried away being in a festive mood, silently working the crowd and making his presence known is the man who eats onions for breakfast.

Da, da, da, GRINCH!

Nonetheless, even he cannot resist the happiness and joy of the holiday season in New York City especially if you give him a buck or two.





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