Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pennsylvania, Warm, Soft And Chewy


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In search of “The Best Philly Steak Sandwich”, I take an afternoon stroll towards 2nd and Market in the Old Historic portion of downtown Philadelphia. Here I am promised to discover what I am looking for.


PHL 038 I have a feeling my discovery will uncover that this city has more than one way to show a little brotherly love.






PHL 001 It is not long before I arrive at Sonny’s Famous Steaks located at 228 Market Street.





The amount of customers in line ahead of me along with the scent from a sizzling grill tells me I might be onto something.



PHL 004

Although Sonny eats “The Classic” (Beef Steak With Cheez Whiz And Fried Onions), I opt for “The Plain Steak” with a side of grilled onions.



oldies_speedo I have a feeling Sonny is not worried about fitting into his Banana Speedo for summer like some of us.







I patiently wait, salivating as my order is freshly made. “One Plain Steak With Side of Onions” is welcomed news to all my senses.

I calmly proceed to the pick area where my sandwich is wrapped like a new born baby but nice and hot to the touch as I gladly retrieve it.


PHL 007 With free peppers as compliments, I unwrap my new born and let it breathe for a moment like a fine bottle of wine.

Loaded with piles of meat, an aroma of flavors and seasonings escape to my nostrils as I allow my sandwich to cool.





PHL 008 Adding onions, the moment arrives and I take my first bite and then another, then another to be sure.

This can’t be right!





The meat is warm, tender and full of flavor not salty like others I have tasted. While the bread is soft and chewy just enough to make it all work.

Drizzled with the juice I have just freed from a pickled pepper, I am enjoying this too much for it not to be a sin.

I am thinking Summer and Speedos be damned!


PHL 005

Next time “The Classic” minus the Cheez Whiz, I think Sonny would forgive me.



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