Friday, July 2, 2010

Ohio, Cleveland And Cedar Point


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KA RoadTrip 063 It is the summer of 2003 as I revisit with my family Harpo's Sport Cafe near Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland.






KA RoadTrip 059We are honored to see that Harpo’s like the city of Cleveland is still proud of our family name.






small_below-zero-temperatures Great wings and cold beer is a better reminder of the good days living in Brookpark, Ohio rather than the frost bite pinkie tip from the coldest day of my life.



Yes, Cleveland can be a mean city in the winter combined with the howling moist winds of Lake Erie. It is here that this island boy received a baptism by fire and experienced the fierceness of old man winter. He is one bad mutha.

Shut yo mouth!



KA RoadTrip 067


No summer trip to Cleveland would be complete for me without a visit to Jacob's Field home of the beloved Cleveland Indians.


KA RoadTrip 070 At Jacob’s, I get my first major league start with an awesome 47 miles per hour fastball.








KA RoadTrip 072 Strike One! And the sell out crowd goes wild!








p169054-Sandusky-Cedar_Point A blinding sun and I am silently screaming with dangling feet as I plunge 240 feet towards the earth. I have just experienced Power Tower one of the many exciting rides at Cedar Point. Located at Sandusky, Ohio. Cedar Point has the most roller coasters in the world.







KA RoadTrip 142 Having regained my stomach, dining at Johnny Rockets is almost as much fun as we are entertained by singing waiters and waitresses.






KA RoadTrip 145 Witches' Wheel, a race on Gemini where the blue cars always seem to win, damn it!







Magnum XL Magnum XL-200, something I am use to, Mantis and Mean Streak that shakes my grill loose along with all the other rides, we have a ….

Shut yo mouth, Blast at Cedar Point.







CCF07022010_00000 Although a bit out of the way, you won’t regret a trip to Cedar Point unless you forget to bring a clean pair of shorts.









KA RoadTrip 109 At the end of the night, I am so whipped I get the finger and don't even know it.









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