Tuesday, June 29, 2010

North Carolina, Crabtree And Raleigh



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Crabtree, Raleigh and Durham North Carolina







005of1 It is hotter than a firecracker in a tobacco barn as I leave the air conditioned comfort of my hotel for an afternoon stroll around Crabtree, North Carolina.







TobaccoBarn My Old Spice is working overtime as I head for a local favorite Mexican restaurant.






Crabtree 016 La Ranchera, located next to Best Buy at Crabtree Mall serves a pretty decent lunch which I enjoy while watching Chile and Spain in a World Cup match.





The temperature has dropped a few degrees as I join a path on the perimeter of the mall and set out on a hike for Shelly Lake.


Crabtree 002 The sounds of nearby traffic fades as I become surrounded by tall evergreens and a trickling stream as birds chirp over head.







Crabtree 001

Unaware of my presence a bunny rabbit hops across my path and disappears into the under brush. As if trying to impress me a squirrel soon appears and does a “Karate Kid” aka “Squirrel Kid” flying leap from the path onto a mound of dirt. I did not know ground squirrels could do that, I guess I am impressed.


Crabtree 006 Eventually I arrive at Shelly Lake a part of The City of Raleigh Greenway Parks and begin a counter clockwise hike around the 2.8 mile trail.





Friday afternoon and there is light competition along the trail with friendly joggers, walkers and ducks as we all enjoy the great outdoors.


Crabtree 010 A few ducks venture onto a crossing bridge for a chance to have an easy meal as a family dishes out bread crumbs.






Crabtree 011 Less adventurous ones stay at home in the water and get their manna from above.






As I make my return a flock of geese is feeding along the path and I attempt to blend in without wings for a close up photo opportunity.


Crabtree 014 They allow a few shots but don't accept me as part of the family. I am disappointed because I really wanted to learn how to fly.





Leaving rejected, I am rapidly approached by a scooter and practically out of breath I am told, “Don't go near the ducks, one time my family”. Then grasping for air “My family was attacked by ducks, and, and we had to, yeah we had to run back ..” More grasping, “Run back to the car”.


Crabtree 015 I am almost out of breath myself just listening to the warning and encourage my eight year old protector to sit down and tell the rest of his story. Satisfied that I will heed his warning, I can see he's content when I continue my hike.





Ebay 104 Not far from Crabtree, given the opportunity a visit to Duke University is worth the trip.







Ebay 101 I am fortunate to visit The Chapel during a rehearsal and as always the pipe organ is not only music to my ears but my soul as well.





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