Friday, June 25, 2010

California, I Love LA



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Even as the home of back to back NBA Champions, Los Angeles Lakers, there is still so much more to love about LA. Having spent much of what I consider my formidable years in California, I will always have a fondness for this city.

Today with beautiful weather I get to make a trip down memory lane with sometimes my only friend, “The City Of Angeles”.


LA 007

Leaving The Wilshire Grand Hotel, I am soon humming.. “Summer, summer fruits, it wouldn't be summer without them” as I encounter a Farmer's Market set up on the side walk of Figueroa.





Picture 518

Fresh samples of white peaches, nectarines and watermelon pluots (plum and apricot hybrid) and the old California Fruit Growers commercial rings as true as the first time I heard it.





LA 004 Given the opportunity don't miss the chance to dine at The Pantry. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner it is a downtown LA tradition.






LA 002

A week or so behind schedule I pay homage to “The Zen Master” and “World Champions” before boarding the Number 16 Bus at Flower and 5th. Meet me at Fairfax and 3rd, I am on my way to Farmers Market.


LA 024 Established in 1934, Farmers Market although modernized keeps it's history alive with vendors, fruits and foods from it's past.






LA 023 With so many choices, multiple samplings is my only choice if I don't want to be rolled out of here.





A taco then a pork bun followed by an Arnold Palmer (half ice tea, half lemonade) along with a huge slice of Apple Coffee Cake with “real apples” from Bob's Coffee and Doughnuts makes my stomach jump for joy.


LA 013 BBQ Pork Bun







LA 018 Apple Cake And Arnold Palmer







LA 020

I agree with Los Angeles Magazine, Bob's gets my vote.


LA 025 In hopes of being discovered, I leave Farmers Market and although CBS Studios is next door I head for Hollywood.





Approaching a local school I am drawn to the sound of a bouncing ball and soon I am engaged in a two on two afternoon basketball game.


LA 030 Look Rasheed Wallace!

I am not sure why the comparison but I guess I don't mind.





LA 039 After one game my teammate an admitted smoker is exhausted, I am just getting fired up after a few lucky shots from downtown.





I hope my encouragement and energy level being almost … let's see (18 plus 30 divided by 2 plus square root of approximately 500) years older convinces him to reconsider the habit.


LA 028Rasheed getting schooled






Reaching Hollywood I am disappointed that I have still not been discovered. Is it because I am dripping with sweat (HOT) or just that today the studios don't need another Brad Pitt double?

Along Hollywood Boulevard I am as surprised as you are to discover that my talents have been proactively recognized and honored.


LA 041 I fight back the tears as I stand on my star and feel a commonality with Sally Field, “They Love Me”.I now know how Ms. Field felt. Oh, what a feeling!






LA 042 I share my good news with Shrek who is happy for me and we hope someday he will also have a star.








LA 045 Michael Jackson Star








LA 046

Hollywood Hills And Sign



LA 043 Chinese Theater






Not wanting to be in the spotlight too long, I spend just a short time among the other stars before going underground.


LA 047 Riding “The Metro”, I am excited to see Angelenos on a subway. Something that seemed like only a dream when I lived here many years ago.



With my dogs barking and parched from my afternoon outing I stop in a Rite-Aid Drugstore and find a pleasant surprise, an old fashioned Thrifty Ice-Cream store.


LA 049 For less than $2, a single scoop of Pistachio completes this trip down memory lane …. One more reason I Love LA!






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