Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Texas. Longhorns, True Cowboys And Ribs



SAMSEP11 016Few things symbolize Texas more than “Cowboys And Steers”. Real “Cowboys”, ones in Wranglers and Ropers not Spandex and Nikes.

Men that can wrestle a thousand plus pound animal to ground better than any 300lb defensive tackle ever could.






SAMSEP11 021Fort Worth Stock Yards


I get to experience a bit this part of Texas during my brief visit to the Fort Worth Stock Yards, less than an hour's drive from about anywhere in Dallas. Here you can find The Cowboy Museum where on the outside wall is posted a quote from President Theodore Roosevelt (1885) concerning the Texans role as cowboys.


SAMSEP11 001“They are fearless... being unequaled in trying times … excelled only by the Mexicans.”






At 4pm, there is a little action up the street as a crowd waits to witness a daily tradition that has been going on here since the late 1990's. With strategically placed cowboys on horseback, the twice daily parade of Texas Longhorns begins towards The Fort Worth Stockyard Exchange.

These are some beautiful animals, with curved and twisted horns than span at least four feet tip to tip.




SAMSEP11 003Texas Longhorns And True Cowboys



SAMSEP11 007As the tail end of the herd goes by, one or two of them decide to leave a few presents behind for us.

Although I am hungry, I don't find their “Road Apples” all that appealing.






SAMSEP11 009Instead, with a worked up appetite, I end up at Riscky's Barbeque where for $9.95 I can have all I can eat of their famous beef ribs. Along with red beans, Texas toast, a Polish pickle and a Texas size Shiner Bock, I am ready to chow down.







SAMSEP11 014Riscky’s Beef Rib Platter



SAMSEP11 013Texas Size Shiner Bock

Filled from Riscky's ribs, I take a stroll toward The Texas Coliseum, birthplace of the modern indoor rodeo. A place visited by Governors and Presidents through out its history.

At the right time of the year, a place that I am sure would be lots of fun, at least 8 seconds or so at a time.






SAMSEP11 020Texas Coliseum




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