Tuesday, August 9, 2011

South Dakota, Mt Rushmore



It is a beautiful summer day with clear blue skies as I leave Rapid City Airport. I am on my way down Highway 16W to the town of Keystone in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Keystone is known as the gateway to Mt. Rushmore.



2011-06-26 11.51.13 About twenty miles down the road I arrive in Keystone and it looks like a good place for lunch break.

A main street lined with shops and restaurants provides a good opportunity for a stroll before I settle down for a tasty pulled pork sandwich.





2011-06-26 12.17.26

It is not long after leaving Keystone that America's First President comes into view.









2011-06-26 12.31.14 George Washington. Awesome!




2011-06-26 12.41.31 Thinking a close up view would be more amazing, I pay an $11 entrance fee to park but I am a bit disappointed.







2011-06-26 12.49.18 By George, I think I like you more from a distance.

Had I been able to take in a Park Ranger lead hike maybe the $11 entrance fee would have been more worthwhile.





Back on the road I get another impressive glimpse of Mt. Rushmore. This time, I think I see a bit of resemblance between old George and myself.

Wow, he was actually one handsome dude!






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